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Global Executive Director

of Equality Now

The leadership that women and girls exercise when they are connected is revolutionary and exactly the kind of leadership we need to address climate change.


Former President of Ireland,

Chair of The Elders

This declaration makes a critical call. No matter their field or expertise, women and girls can lead on climate justice, and that leadership is so deeply needed.

Jade Begay

Climate Justice Campaign

Director of NDN Collective

We need global recognition and support for women’s leadership on this issue, and to forge connections across geographies and genders.

Ronda carnegie

+ pat mitchell

Co-Founders of CWL

We call on all other women and men in positions of power and privilege, no matter their focus, to re-imagine themselves as climate leaders.

QUOTES & endorsements

The climate movement cannot succeed without an urgent upsurge in women’s leadership across the Global South and the Global North. Women and girls are already boldly leading on climate justice, addressing the climate crisis in ways that heal, rather than deepen, systemic injustices. Yet, these voices are often under-represented and efforts inadequately supported.


Now is the moment to recognize the wisdom and leadership of women and girls. 

Now is the moment to grow in number and build power. 

We invite all of our sisters to rise and to lead on climate justice, and for those with relative power and privilege to make space for and support others.

To change everything, we need everyone.


With thanks to all the women who have signed the declaration so far.

Support women and girls around the world to step forward as leaders for climate justice. Women and girls disproportionately experience the adverse impacts of the climate crisis, but are also some of the most effective drivers of change; when women lead, action follows. 

Unify women’s efforts to create equity in health, education, economy, politics, peace and security with a climate justice movement that recognizes that  Human rights, gender equality, food security, global health and climate justice are interconnected and inseparable in terms of solutions.

Motivate people everywhere to prioritize climate justice - bringing a new level of awareness, engagement and scale. The climate crisis is everyone’s issue. We must make it personal, make it a priority, demand action from leaders worldwide, and envision a hopeful future that could be our ‘best times’ and move towards it, urgently.

We actively and decisively pledge to use our positions of power and privilege to:


Agnes Leina

Dr. Alaa Murabit

Aleesha Peeramohamed

Alexandria Villaseñor

Alexis McGill Johnson

Dr. Angela Gichaga

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Blessing Ekanem

Cameron Russell

Carla Goldstein

Carolina Suárez

Christiana Figueres

Christine Heenan

Claire Healy

Dilly Hossain

Dina Hu

Dr. Easkey Britton

Edit Schlaffer

Elizabeth Cousens

English Sall

Eve Ensler

Farhana Yamin

Georgia Pessoa

Gro Harlem Brundtland

Guayana Páez-Acosta

Gülseren Onanç

Hafsat Abiola

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

Dr. Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Patterson

Jamie Margolin

Jane Fonda

Jennifer Robinson

Jess Search

Jude Kelly

Juliet Asante

Karin Ryan

Dr. Kate Marvel

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

Katherine Lucey

Kathy Calvin

Kim Azzarelli

Latanya Mapp Frett

Laura Flanders

Laura Kline

Lauren Leader

Le Kim Dung

Leonie Maruani

Lucina Di Meco

Majandra Rodriguez Acha

Marcela Escobari

Mary Annaïse Heglar

Mary Robinson

Meagan Fallone

Megha Agrawal Sood

Michelle Milford Morse

Mindy Lubber

Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro

Naina Bajekal

Naomi Klein

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli

Neera Nundy

Neha Misra

Osprey Orielle Lake

Pat Mitchell

Peggy Clark

Rhiana Gunn-Wright

Ronda Carnegie

Sarra Tekola

Shaheen Kassim-Lakha

Stephanie O'Keefe

Dr. Suzanty Sitorus

Tara Houska

Than Thi Thien Huong

Tracy Mann

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