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Clean Cooking: A Breakthrough for Halving Emissions

At COP27, the UN Climate Change High Level Champions, together with the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), recognized clean cooking as one of the critical 2030 Breakthroughs and set a shared target for governments, donors, and private sector actors to urgently expand access to clean cooking for 2.4 billion people through at least $10 billion in innovative finance each year.

In the race to a healthier, more resilient, zero carbon world by 2050, every sector must undergo an exponential transformation. To help catalyze action in this Race to Zero, the “2030 Breakthroughs” pinpoint specific tipping points across major sectors of the global economy and articulate what key actors must do, and by when, to deliver the necessary systems change. Placing these Breakthrough targets at the forefront of the climate agenda catalyzes global ambition and action towards adaptation needed to reach a resilient world by 2030, with clean cooking as a key part of this roadmap.

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