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Scaling Up Action for Food Security

This report describes how WFP expanded its operations to cover 3,202,770 people with anticipatory action and last-mile early warning information in 28 countries in 2022.

2022 was a year of extremes when it came to weather shocks. Record-breaking temperatures, floods, droughts and storms devastated many regions of the world. With the climate crisis accelerating, it is imperative that – in parallel to saving lives – we strengthen the resilience of communities and enable governments to build better risk management systems. Recognizing that most climate-related crises are predictable, WFP continued to scale up Anticipatory Action (AA) systems within global, regional, and national disaster risk management, social protection and humanitarian systems in 2022. WFP also actively supported the positioning of AA in the global humanitarian, development, and climate agendas throughout the year.

Download the full report below:


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