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The climate crisis is unfair.

In a nutshell, the climate crisis disproportionately impacts people in poverty, Indigenous communities, and women and girls. The people that do the least to cause it are suffering the most, while rich countries and big corporations profit. 

Today, much of the discourse about the crisis is communicated in data, science and facts. The crisis is complicated, and the data is stark and often difficult to understand. But when translated, the human impact of the climate crisis becomes very real. The climate crisis is about people. And people are being harmed everyday. 


The climate crisis is a communications crisis.

And a resource challenge. In the fight for hearts and minds, we are up against powerful companies with unlimited resources. When companies like Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell can spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to reframe the issue of climate and sustainability to their advantage, we have to do more. 

We are not reaching enough people, and enough new people with a unified powerful message about the urgency and the solutions that are necessary–and possible.  


Today, no unified mass mobilization campaign reaching a global audience exists.
Rather, grassroots organizations have to take on the responsibility of solving the issue AND communicating their success and impact, because funders prioritize programmatic investment over advocacy and engagement. No one is leading, driving the Climate Justice agenda, setting goal posts, creating urgency and moments to advance, and then synthesizing that information in a way that mobilizes mass/mainstream support.


Project Dandelion is a new, women-led campaign fighting for climate justice.

While not a grassroots organization itself, Project Dandelion will be a tool for all social justice organizations and leaders to leverage our marketing campaigns, creativity, and global expertise in reaching new people, exponentially increasing public support and pressure on leaders, governments, investors, and corporations to force and accelerate change.

Project Dandelion will be the first ever global marketing agency for Climate Justice, built to harness our collective power in building public pressure for Climate Justice. 


When women lead, action follows.

Our theory of change centers on our core belief that when women lead, action follows. Women worldwide are actively driving progress but their voices are often invisible. We will center and focus on women’s voices as a catalyst for change in their communities and provide them with tools to encourage others to act for climate justice.

Behavior change is difficult. And in our experience it is a combination of art and science. Reach is the science. We must onboard grassroots organizations around the world to become Dandelions. To come together on a global coordinate level to ensure we reach a large global mass audience. But the art is equally as important. To achieve this we embrace the mantra, Never be boring.


United we can lead the way to a clean energy world & build a more equitable future for all.

The Dandelion may seem humble,  but it is traditionally seen as a symbol of hope and resilience. It is the only flower that lives on every continent, thriving in a wide range of elevations, soil types, and conditions. The Dandelion, translated as ‘the tooth of a lion’ inspires us because of its joy, resilience, speed, depth, perseverance, predictability, consistency, and need to build community. Like the dandelion, we waste no opportunity to find our way into every field and crevice to spread Climate Justice.

The dandelion has one goal: seed more dandelions.



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