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We believe stories are our bridges and connecting women to each other to share their stories, their learnings, ideas and insights creates a collective force for problem-solving and positive change. We aim to make cross-group coordination faster and more effective in support of women changemakers collaborating towards world changing ideas. 

We chose this path because we believe women design, connect and collaborate differently.

Connected Women Leaders is dedicated to supporting women leaders who want to better understand their own networks and opportunities to both seed and grow collective action and collaboration while building both their leadership capacity and collaborations. 

Two years ago, Mary Robinson, Chair of the Elders and Former President of Ireland, challenged Connected Women Leaders to get women leaders from around the world to prioritize the climate and nature crises. Her work as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights sent her into humanitarian disasters in more than twenty countries. And over the course of her five-year term, she came to realize that these disasters were rooted in the climate and nature crises, which now threaten humanity’s ability to continue to thrive on Earth. Scientists agree and are saying that the window of opportunity that we have to change course is quickly closing.

We at Connected Women Leaders accepted Mary’s challenge and issued a call to the women leaders around the world to join us. And thus, Project Dandelion was born, to power an ecosystem of women leaders and communities committed to working to secure a liveable planet. 

Mary showed us we must respond to threats to our collective wellbeing by stepping forward and working for change. May this women-led—but not women-only—movement succeed in birthing a human race that lives in balance with nature and moves us decisively away from the danger of extinction.

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