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19 Poems and Messages of Hope on Equality & Climate

The conversations about climate change and equality can be a huge thing to wrap your mind around. They are exceedingly complex topics with many agendas, historically relevant events that have not been reckoned with, and the ever present urgency of time. It can be a lot.

The good news is, there is still hope.

Activists all around the world are still fighting to protect our planet and defend the most vulnerable among us, and — while there's still a whole lot more work to do — women’s rights are the best they have ever been, more marginalized groups are being heard, and more than a billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty since 1990. And that's all down to the people who, throughout history, have been brave enough to stand up for change.

As part of Global Citizen's Power Our Planet campaign, poems and messages of hope on the climate crisis and global equality were shared from around the world.

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