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Call for Urgent Transformation in Food and Land Use Systems

  • The Food and Land Use stakeholders (FOLU) coalition addresses food insecurity, land degradation, inequalities, and declining agricultural output in Kenya.

  • A high-stakes meeting organized by AGRA, WRI, GAIN, and UNSDSN brings together key figures from various sectors to explore collaborative strategies for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and adapting to climate change impacts.

  • The meeting emphasizes the pivotal link between food systems and supporting policies, highlighting the need for collaboration and public sector inclusion.

  • Dr. Kalibata, President of AGRA and CWL Member, stresses the urgency and innovation required to invest in food systems, advocating for transformative resources that combine private sector and government efforts.

  • FOLU reaffirms its commitment to supporting food systems, aligning strategies with climate adaptation and nature restoration, and prioritizing youth empowerment, social inclusivity, and nutrition.

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