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Could 2024 be the year nature rights enter the political mainstream?

  • Two new coalitions, More Than Human Rights (Moth) and Animals in the Room (Air), aim to grant legal rights and political representation to ecosystems and other species.

  • Moth plans to set a legal precedent by establishing the creative rights of the Los Cedros cloud forest in Ecuador, claiming it co-created music with British musician Cosmo Sheldrake.

  • Air focuses on inclusive practices for animals in law, politics, and the arts, with upcoming projects to include bears in policy formulation in Italy and similar efforts for elephants and whales.

  • The broader rights of nature movement has been gaining traction, with various countries recognizing the legal rights of nature, and the UN exploring the implications of these rights.

  • The campaign seeks to balance bold, innovative ideas with realism, aiming to mainstream the rights of nature and ensure they have practical and enforceable applications.


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