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CWL at ACS: Ndemi Dandelion Reception

The inaugural Africa Climate Summit, championed by HE President Ruto, aimed to address the increasing exposure to climate change and its associated costs, both globally and particularly in Africa. With the expectation of escalating climate crises in terms of frequency and intensity, urgent action is required to mitigate these challenges.

Connected Women Leaders was honored with an invitation to curate an official Project Dandelion side event, comprised of women leaders, with a goal of exploring the vital link between gender equality and renewable energy adoption to highlight the need for an inclusive and equitable energy transition.

Our team unfortunately met the challenge of being shut out of the venue on the day of the panel (a registration debacle), but we quickly regrouped and did what women do -- shared stories with everyone we met, met with youth activists, and created connections behind the scenes.

Our powerful pivoting panelists (l to r): Yamide Dagnet, Hafsat Abiola, Sheila Oparaocha, and Marla Blow

Connected Women Leaders also hosted an event at Ndemi Place, curated by Jerotich Seii. It was a beautiful closing celebration where more than 100 global climate leaders gathered for conversation and connection. We heard from some of Africa’s leading climate champions, including Wanjira Mathai, managing director for Africa and Global Partnerships at World Resources Institute and CWL member, Hafsat Abiola, Co-Founder of CWL, Yamide Dagnet, Open Society Foundation's Director for Climate Justice, Marla Blow, Skoll Foundation's President, and many others.

As Hafsat reminds us,

"If we want to travel fast, travel alone. If we want to travel far, travel together.”

To meet this crisis, we must travel fast and far, together. Join us!


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