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CWL at Omega: Building a climate safe world with Project Dandelion

Connected Women Leaders (CWL) was pleased to come together the weekend before UNGA at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, to explore how Project Dandelion holds the potential to be the connective tissue and galvanizing force that unites diverse leadership efforts worldwide.

While elements of a climate movement exist today, they often lack cohesion. A true movement requires a symbol that embodies resilience, regeneration, and a mission to spread across all seven continents. The Dandelion perfectly captures these qualities, making it the ideal emblem for our collective mission.

(Top row): Flavia Doria, Carla Goldstein, Katharine Wilkinson, Susan Marx, Jennifer Robinson, Megha Agrawal Sood, Leslie MacKrell, Hana Leshner, Yamide Dagnet (Bottom Row): Joanna Hall, Kathleen Finlay, Ronda Carnegie, Pat Mitchell, Estele Renner, Susan McPherson, Tracy Mack Parker, Maame Boakye

This cohort of 20 women leaders brought together Catalysts, Storytellers, and Frontline Activists. As a collective we addressed two aspects of each individual's work: the generative questions that guide their activism and the "doorways in" they have created to facilitate meaningful change.

Though the programming was squeezed into one full day, it was truly inspiring to see how quickly this group of women pulled from their own experiences and expertise to unpack and examine the deeply personal and incredibly difficult hurdles and challenges they each face.

We left this weekend of community feeling uplifted, supported, and ready to face the chaotic week ahead. Thank you to each of the women who took time out of their busy UNGA schedules to join us for this time of connection and fulfillment.


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