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How To Make Your 2024 Food Predictions Come True

I’m thinking about what changes this new year will bring: Will we take meaningful national and global policy action on food systems? Will we bring our eating patterns into alignment with what’s healthy for the planet?

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the transformations I’d like to see in the world—and reading some very smart people’s predictions for the food system in 2024.

Climate and sustainability are top-of-mind, of course, as are food prices, which could start to go back down after years of inflation. Technology and food, especially artificial intelligence, is a big topic, too: Companies like Winnow are using it to help cut food waste, and other analysts are talking about ways it can be integrated into farm tech and even meal planning.

Personally, I want to do more than try to predict the future—I think we can make a better future come true. So as the world continues to change over the next year, here are five concrete steps that’ll put us on the right side of history and help build meaningful change right now.

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