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In 2024, we must see long-view leadership

  • Mary Robinson highlights the importance of long-view leadership rooted in truth, justice, and human rights for the challenges of 2024.

  • The newsletter addresses concerns about the ongoing war in Gaza, criticizing the indiscriminate Israeli bombing and calling for restraint, diplomacy, and a two-state solution.

  • President Biden's support for Israel's actions is criticized for potential consequences on multilateral cooperation and the effectiveness of the UN Security Council.

  • The Elders stress the need for global leaders and an international system capable of addressing multiple threats simultaneously, citing Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

  • The newsletter underscores the Elders' belief in the values of multilateralism to collectively tackle global threats like climate change, nuclear weapons, pandemics, and the misuse of AI, citing COP28 in Dubai as an example.

Read full newsletter below:


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