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Leaders at Davos need to pay attention to the crossroads of climate change, health, and security

As CEOs and world leaders gather for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week, they might be surprised to see less snow out of the window than usual on the country’s luminous peaks.

Record-breaking temperatures in the Alps are just one sign of the effect climate change is having on planet Earth. Longer rainy seasons and a warmer climate are leading to more dengue fever, the worsening famine in the Sahel caused in part by erratic rainfall driven by climate change, and temperatures in Europe over the summer — and winter — that would have felt impossible in previous decades.

The summit in Davos aims to convene decision-makers to come up with solutions to the key issues of the day and map the world’s future. Climate change will be on the agenda, but there’s a piece of the climate puzzle missing: health.

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