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Older women are suing Switzerland to demand climate action

  • Switzerland's KlimaSeniorinnen, a group of senior climate women, consisting mostly of individuals in their 70s, are suing the Swiss government for violating their human rights by inadequately addressing climate change.

  • The 2,400 members of the group, living in one of the world's wealthiest countries, are concerned about the impact of rising temperatures on their health and are taking legal action against government policies they deem insufficient to address climate change.

  • The case emphasizes that heatwaves are intensifying due to fossil fuel consumption, and older women, in particular, are more vulnerable to the health risks associated with increased temperatures.

  • The group's legal action is strategic, aiming to address a common challenge in climate litigation – the broad impact of climate change on everyone. The KlimaSeniorinnen argue that their age and gender make them disproportionately affected by the climate crisis.

  • Swiss scientists have found that the zero-degree line, indicating freezing temperatures, has reached its highest level, underlining the urgency of addressing climate change impacts on alpine regions.

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