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Reimagining Europe's Energy System

A cost-of-living crisis in Europe. An existential climate threat.

Our need for energy is central to both.

From individual consumers to energy suppliers, young people to policymakers, frontline workers to financiers — everyone has a stake in Europe’s energy future. Securing our future requires a commitment to open dialogue and a willingness to dream and create together.

This is a critical moment for the whole system to come together, as the world grapples with oil and gas supply-demand imbalance and European states make a permanent move away from Russian energy sources.

European leaders have a choice: mobilize whole-of-system support around the highest priority policy reforms, corporate norms, innovation opportunities and community- and country-level actions — or don’t.

A full system approach would bring all strengths to the table and create space for ideas, raised ambition and collective action.

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