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Rwandan EcoFeminist Wins 2023 Global Citizen Prize

The Global Citizen Prize is an annual award that recognizes and celebrates the unsung activists who are positively impacting their communities and going above and beyond to tick things off the world’s most important to-do list: the United Nations’ Global Goals.

One of 2023’s remarkable winners — the winner of this year's Citizen Award, Rwanda — is Ineza Umuhoza Grace, a 27-year-old eco-feminist and impact-driven actor in the climate change and environment sector. Based in Rwanda, she is also a researcher in the field of climate change with a focus on climate justice and policies.

“Imagine someone struggling to stay afloat, drowning in deep water. Would you find a way to help them immediately, or would you stand there, watching her or him drowning and promising to have a rescue team come over, without knowing whether it’s going to come or when it’s going to arrive? Developing countries are drowning right now, and they have been pushed into deep water by developed ones, who also have the power to pull them out of trouble.”

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