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Supporting Women Leaders

Through the research #ShePersisted has conducted over the last two years, we notice some disturbing trends. Women are either silencing themselves online, or second-guessing a career in public activism or higher office. Gender-based violence online and gendered disinformation campaigns are having a tangible impact on discouraging women to run for office or pursue leadership roles, with devastating consequences on democracy, national security and social norms.

We have been asked time and time again to create a guide outlining the steps that individual women can take to lessen the harms that they face online. Even though we were hesitant to remove the burden off of the platforms, we recognize that this is a crisis that cannot only wait for platforms to take action. In response to the stopgap emergency at hand, we created this guide to outline certain steps that can help women pursuing a leadership position and/or if we find ourselves the target of online abuse.

Click below to read the full report:


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