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The Intergenerational Fight for Climate Justice at COP28

  • Key priorities for success at COP28 included advocating for a decisive end to the fossil fuel era, ensuring robust recompense for Loss and Damage, and securing equitable funding for the clean energy transition and global adaptation goals.

  • During COP28, world leaders officially established the Loss and Damage Fund, marking a historic moment in the pursuit of climate justice.

  • The Loss and Damage Fund aims to provide restitution for severe economic and non-economic losses and damages primarily caused by emissions from wealthier nations, including the United States.

  • Ongoing efforts following the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund focus on ensuring its proper resourcing, with advocates urging wealthy countries, such as the United States, to contribute their fair share to assist affected communities in their recovery.

  • Youth activists, such as Emma Buretta and Keanu Arpels-Josiah from Fridays for Future New York City, played a crucial role in advocating for climate action, including organizing the historic March to End Fossil Fuels.

  • The march mobilized 75,000 people in New York, calling on President Joe Biden to phase out fossil fuels and halt new oil and gas projects.

  • The broader climate justice movement involves a multigenerational struggle, with leaders like CAN’s Executive Director Tasneem Essop emphasizing the importance of equity and human rights in the fight for a safe and fair future for all.

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