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Women's Revolution and Feminism

In her weekly article, Gülseren Onanç, the Founding Chair of the SES Equality and Solidarity Association, discusses the broader impact of the protests in Iran and the looming agenda on gender equality.

Weeks have passed since Mahsa Amini (her real name was Jina Amini) was detained and killed by the morality police for not covering her hair sufficiently. The protests are still continuing in Iran. The struggle of women to be visible and free is shaking the Islamic regime. The regime’s police have killed 80 people so far, but women do not give up on street protests and face the cost of dying. Civil disobedience acts are spreading from Iran to the world. The demonstrators are not only resisting against the imposition of headscarf, but also against the oppressive regime imposed on society by political Islam. They are fighting for the freedom of 85 million Iranians.

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Women's Revolution and Feminism

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