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Young Voices: The Next Climate Warriors

As daunting as some of the challenges facing our world might be, a new generation of leaders and activists with passion and power appears very much up to the task. Their commitment to tackling the issues challenging a planet they will inhabit for several more generations is vital. This Giide will offer the opportunity to meet an inspiring collection of these women activists to learn more about who they are, what they’re working on, and how you can get involved.

A quick note about the format of this guide. You will be experiencing a new format that is essentially augmented audio. Additional resources relevant to whatever you are hearing will appear on the screen in real time. You will have instant access to articles, videos, graphs, illustrations, bios, and even links to books and other materials from our speakers. You have the option to stop the audio and check them out, or just keep on going. All of these resources will be conveniently stored for you for later reference.


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