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Climate Change Critical: Harnessing the Power of Intergenerational Collaboration

I believe strongly, the time has come for us to circle back, step back and slow down. To engineer ways to collaborate in intergenerational ways. I think about my fellow TED speaker, Chip Conley , his ideas of the "Modern Elder" and how we need, as we get older to redefine ourselves and our role in relation to others - in order to 'serve', better.

The climate space is no exception and an even greater opportunity for us to accelerate the inclusion of young people and their wisdom. In thinking about whose voice will have the power to move R&D, tech, climate science and do them all with purpose and social impact considerations embedded within- we need an entire generation of young people wired to solve things in that way. That won't happen if we exclude them. But inclusion doesn't only mean making a set at the table in the means constructing ways that ideas, different ways of self expression and empathy can extend to the right speed and frequency for us all to 'hear' them.

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