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"Plot quietly and humbly. Manifest fruitfully and abundantly"​

Those who know me well, know that they should probably leave the room when I say, “I have an idea”………..

They know that I tend not to have small ideas and after a lifetime of orchestrating many things that many people said were impossible- I am emboldened by a mixture of learnings, good and bad, whose equation adds up to me believing profoundly that wicked problems, can and should be solved. That each of us has the potential to serve those solutions, in small and larger ways.

My steadfast belief in the power of partnerships and collaborations is rivaled only by my belief in the untapped power of young people, when you trust them and encourage them to dream. So most of the ideas I have now, revolve around mobilising young talent, solving a systemic challenge, and scaling collaboration. My professional focus is and has always been, the protection of our natural capital and unlocking human potential.

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